The wonder-working icon of Taxiarchis Mikhail Panormitis

Credit: Mariella Delia

Mikha’El – Production

Just letting you all know that production on the new docudrama Mikha’El has commenced, with three camera units in seven countries. Some bibliographic sources for the film (from its website):

  1. Genesis 2:4-3:24;
  2. Liber de apparitione Sancti Michaelis;
  3. The Talmud (Babylonian);
  4. The Torah (Elohist / Jahwist / Priestly);
  5. The Midrashim;
  6. The LXX;
  7. Secrets of a soul;
  8. Summa theologica;
  9. Dictionnaire infernal;
  10. Catholic / Orthodox tradition

Mikha’El – Coming in 2019

Mikha'El Promo Card

First historically accurate docudrama in English, Greek, and Hebrew about the Archangel Michael in the history of cinema. Learn more at the film’s official website.

Mikha’El – Some facts – 2

  1. He serves directly in front of God the Father;
  2. Wherever Mikha’El appears on earth, there too can the Shekinah be found;
  3. He is the indestructible Defender of the Faith and the terrible avenger of those who take the Divine Name in vain;
  4. He is the Leader of the heavenly armies;
  5. He is the Guardian of the Eucharist in the tabernacles of the world;
  6. He is the bringer of joy to the People of God;
  7. He subdues the elements; the heavenly hosts fear his might;
  8. He gives strength to those who grow weak and saves those who are tried and tested by false, soul-destroying attacks;
  9. He raises up those who fall in the flesh;
  10. He gives passing souls a last chance to decide for God. Then he takes them in front of Jesus Christ for their particular judgment and weighs their souls on his scales;
  11. He is the breath of the Redeemer’s Spirit;
  12. He crushes idols wherever they can found;
  13. He lifts up the servants of God.

Mikha’El – Some facts – 1

  1. He saved Abraham from the furnace of Nimrod and told Sarah that she was going to give birth to Isaac, the son of the promise;
  2. He protected Sarah from being defiled by Abimelech;
  3. He stopped the Akedah of Abraham and gave him the replacement ram on Mount Zion. The Akedah was being carried out at the same place where Adam had first sacrificed to God;
  4. He was one of the first to bow down to Adam, recognizing his humanity, when the latter was made;
  5. He helped the chief judge, Lot, to flee from Sodom before the destruction of the four cities (the fifth city was spared);
  6. He wrestled with Jacob, then blessed him, at Penuel;
  7. He defended the Israelites from Thutmoses II and the accusations of Satan when they were fleeing from Egypt during the Exodus. Satan argued in front of God that the Israelites should be drowned in the Red Sea for their sins;
  8. He mediated the presentation of the Law by God to Moses on Mount Sinai;
  9. He stopped Balaam from cursing the Israelites from the top of Mount Pe’or;
  10. He refused to disclose to Satan the location of Moses’ grave after the latter died, when Satan wanted his body;
  11. He led Joshua to victory at Jericho;
  12. He saved Shadrach, Mishach and Abednego from the fiery furnace;
  13. He transported Habakkuk to Daniel in the lion’s den, so that the former could feed the latter;
  14. He was appointed by God as Guardian of the Israelites after Solomon had built the Temple;
  15. He destroyed Sennacherib and his armies, as well as Heliodorus;
  16. He led Judas Maccabeus to victory against the oppression of Antiochos;
  17. He consoled Jesus Christ during the Agony in Gethsemane, being in stead of the Virgin Mary who was absent against her will.

Mikha’El – Timeline of ages from Adam to Abraham

Genesis TL from Adam to Abraham

(Credit: Robert Rouse).

Mikha’el – Film in pre-production

A film on the great archangel, Michael, is currently in pre-production. It is going to be shot on location in various places to be revealed at a later date. Since the research for the film is quite rich in content, excerpts shall be posted here for your interest, in addition to updates about the film, processes involved, behind-the-scenes stills and narratives, and so forth.


Taxiarchis Mikhail Panormitis

taxiarchis panormitis
Hail, first-formed star of the world.
Hail, candle of truth and justice, shining like gold.
Hail, first receiver in the choirs of angels, of the rays of the uncreated light.
Hail, head of angels and archangels.
Hail, you in whom the creative glory of the Right Hand shines.
Hail, you by whom the assembly of all bodiless creatures is made beautiful.
Hail, Michael, Supreme Commander with all the hosts of Heaven.

A tribute to Saint Michael the Archangel

Beautiful Michael, thank you for what you have done. We love you.

This icon can be found at the Parrochia di San Michele Arcangelo a Pietralata, Rome, Italy.

Michael, the Archangel of the Apocalypse

Splendid icon of Saint Michael, the Archangel of the Apocalypse, done in 2016 by Russian iconographer Vadim Lakomsky.



Did Saint Michael get anything for his loyalty?

The question was asked, “Did the Archangel Michael get anything for his loyalty to God?” The brief answer is a resounding yes! Saint Michael was appointed head of the heavenly hosts – a post previously held by Lucifer – even though the former was a lowly archangel, in comparison to the latter who had been a seraphim. Michael earned eternity in heaven with the Most Holy Trinity, the privilege of guarding the universal Church and the People of God, among other things; and the privilege of chaining Satan forever.

Archangel Michael’s service

The service of Saint Michael the Archangel is the suppression of the enemies of God’s truth (Abba Moses).